All the words can be superfluous when you talk of "CrownHeads" the value of a band is just an opinion.

CrownHeads was founded in winter 1999

The frontman "Frederick Livi" contacts the italian drummer "Fabrizio (Lask) Cattalani" to start a project together with very talented guitarist "Nicolas Ermini". After few months Frederick met is old friend "Alex Savelli" the two worked together in many previous projects. Alex at that time was guitarist and producer of the band "Pelican Milk" and when Frederick told him about this new R'n'R band not only decided to partecipate and produce it but also got involved "(T.N.T) Tesh Todaro" the other former founder of Pelican Milk.

Now the band was Ready to start.
They had great R'n'R album to make!!!

During the make of CrownHeads the band was also proud to collabotate with: violinist Simon Painter (Pelikan Milk ,The River Dance and producer of Le Grande Cirque) who plays on “This is not Time” and the very famous Paul Chain (that also becomes one of the artistic producers of album) who plays a memorable solo on "Sail Away".

The band

Frederick Livi
Voice and blues harps.
Blues harps

Fabrizio (Lask) Cattalani
Drums and Percussions.
Nicolas Ermini
Acoustic guitars
and bass guitar.
Alex Savelli
Acoustic guitars
and bass guitar.

(T.N.T) Tesh Todaro
Piano and keyboards.



Crownheads publishes the homonymous album Crown Heads with the oldest italian indipendent label "LM-RECORDS".
Unfortunately guitarist Nicolas Ermini has to leave the band because of very private reasons during the mix of the album and never comes back.
The potencial of the band is plain to see as the enthusiastic reviews certify but the label hasn't got the energy and the mind to give Crownheads the right push nobody seems to believe in rock 'n' roll.


Even if the album Crown Heads belonged to LM-Records until 2006 Frederick decided to go totally indipendent. He didn't like how the all story was handled by the label. It was time to move on !


Big confusion kicked back in when former drummer Fabrizio "LASK" Cattalani
was jailed in Morocco for almost 2 years.
He is temporarily replaced by a young talent, taken to the Barcley school of
Boston (USA), Marco Talevi (Mark_Eno).
Alex Savelli and Tesch Todaro go back their main projet "Pelican Milk".
At this point Crownheads seemed to be over !!! But Frederick knew it was just
a matter of time and a matter of music. He started to write and work with new
musicians like: "Sabrina Bursi" (Piano and Keyboards) "M.J. Lucas" (Guitars)
"Mark_Eno" ( Drums and Percussions ) Alex Savelli often collaborates with
Frederick and together they recorded "Betania" (pluri awarded production) .


Crownheads becomes manufacturing of himself, beginning collaborations with
organizations (as: Talitha Koum Cameroon) that bring help to the actual society
minorities. The greatest part of the earningses of Crownheads as contribution
are destined for the realization of works, that can guarantee a future to the
children of wealthy countries less, as Africa (contribution for the completion
of a school in Cameroon, that will entertain 200 children).